Trump hints at Mediator role over Kashmir conflict in a talk with Imran

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Updated July 23, 2019 | 11:40 IST | Frank Huzur

National President of Asia’s largest socialist party Samajwadi Party Akhilesh Yadav demands explanation from Narendra Modi led BJP/ NDA govt over the US President Donald J. Trump Kashmir Mediation claim in a meeting with Pak premier Imran Khan..

In less than a year of becoming Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, legendary cricketer turned politician Imran Khan (official) finally had a dream rendezvous with the US President Donald J. Trump at hallowed halls of the White House in Washington DC.

Whether the visit to White House of Pakistan PM is a success or failure is a subject of incisive analysis from the perspective of both bitter nuclear power nations, India and Pakistan.

Nevertheless, Imran Khan’s real achievements lie in his encounter with the American President. Hardly any sportsperson of South Asia could actually dream about the pinnacle of political glory and slogged through decades to realise that dream in his lifetime.

From this angle, I believe the playboy politician has achieved significant amount of miraculous success in his rollercoaster ride to stardom in not only sports but also politics.

In India, Imran Khan continues to be roasted by Narendra Modi media factory for the TRP roulette game of the political casino. His every single act and move is ridiculed for no reason whatsoever as well as mysterious factors.

Even his American voyage to the White House has been lampooned as a also-ran diplomatic disaster with hardly any concessions from the Capitol Hill.

New Delhi has many reasons to disapprove of the occasion.

In Pakistan, the entire opposition has dismissed the Trump-Imran summit in the strictest terms of derision. In fact, a section of Pakistan’s media and opposition mock Imran as a selected Premier, a handsome bunny in the arms of military establishment.

Selected, not elected had been a constant talking point in the statement of Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, son of Benazir Bhutto and chairperson of Pakistan People’s Party.

Unfazed by all colours of barbed wire criticism, Imran Khan is carrying forward his charm offensive agenda on the foreign soil.

His appearance at the Capital One Arena was akin to a rockstar singer with more than Twenty Thousand American Pakistani perched on the edge of their seats to hear his ramblings from cricket to culture and corruption in his homeland and story of ancient times from the Arabian society, Riasat-e-Madina which he look up to enforce equality and merit in his beleaguered homeland.

Indian premier Modi had been addressing the Indian diaspora in similar mould of hype and hoopla to burnish his image. Both are narcissist leaders, I believe, in more than one way. The contrast between them is in the separate ways of achieving political goal.

After Trump’s Capitol Hill walk with Imran Khan, it could be speculated that Modi and Imran would be walking the talk sometime in future. New Delhi is watching over the Kashmir and Afghanistan centric communication between Trump and Imran.

Imran Khan has travelled to Washington flying in a commercial flight and going around in the city in metro .

Indian media rejoiced in the news that no American officials received Pak premier at the airport. Now that Trump has revealed his conversation with Modi in Osaka where Indian premier himself requested US President to Mediate between New Delhi and Islamabad over Kashmir, Imran has reason to argue about his tour achievements in his country.

Who looks isolated now – Pakistan or India? Trump’s willingness to intervene in Kashmir goes against the interests of New Delhi.

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