The Countdown for exit of the UP BJP govt has Begun: Akhilesh

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Updated September 19, 2019 | 10:24 IST | Frank Huzur

The Countdown for the exit of Uttar Pradesh #BJP government begins now on after the completion of half-way mark in a very woobly fashion.

The captain of the BJP ship in choppy waters of the Hindi hinterland has earned a long string of sink-like sobriquet for his fledgling performance.

The saffron-clad Monk in CMO in a series of self-congratulatory interview to pliable press has further brought ignominy to his reputation by questioning the usefulness of former CM Akhilesh Yadav’s globally acknowledged Laptop distribution programme.

Not less than 1.8 million students of Uttar Pradesh were recipients of HP Laptop in an unprecedented and impartial exercise driven purely by passion, transparency and merit. Laptop is a perfect machine for the empowerment of youtjscape and Samajwadi Party government accomplished it under visionary leadership of an engineer-turned-politician Akhilesh.

Yogi Adityanath belongs to a party whose PM Narendra Modi drumbeats about Digital India and blah blah on the use of technology in pushing cashless economy. Yet again UP CM makes fool of himself by saying that laptop was not symbol of development..

What could people, especially Gen Next expect of a tech-illiterate CM? Adityanath is an illogical contrast to that of tech-savvy pioneer Akhilesh.

While talking to a battery of presspersons at Lohia auditorium in Lucknow this afternoon, SP national President lambasted the BJP government for its false sense of euphoric celebration.

It appears that Sanghi BJP culture is to celebrate the vulture. The sheer hypocrisy & doublespeak of the UP BJP govt has been evident in its handling of #SwamiChinmayanand case & in sharp contrast brutal crackdown on #AzamKhan over fictitious grounds.

Shahjahanpur/Rampur binary betrays faith in the governance.

In a live press conference, former CM ridiculed the BJP UP govt saying Adityanath led so called Double Engine govt has moved at a Bullock Cart’s pace.

Dhaai saal mei dhaai kosh hi chal paye. Miserable failure of Double Engine govt make UP lag in development index on all fronts, especially gaping hole of inequality queered the pitch of education and health sector.

Savaging the saffronist, Akhilesh sporting traditional socialist red cap and beaming confidence further added, “Current CM has no clue about laptop & technology. Laptop is symbol of tech-empowerment & development but UP CM has no idea about its value.”

Fmr UP CM also cocked a snook at UP BJP govt over its tall claim of making £1 trillion economy. “While showing fantasy of One Trillion dollar economy BJP govt is forcing school kids to eat salt & roti in mid-day meal Crime against minor as well as women hits ceiling. Dark times. Journalists who dare to speak truth to power are in the line of fire.”

Socialist leader also took potshots at PM Modi for couching his abysmal failure in the colours of pseudo-nationalism. People are able to see through the deceptive designs of the BJP.

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