Congress in UP fighting SP, not BJP

In Akhilesh Yadav


Updated February 10, 2020 Lucknow | 02:43 IST | Frank Huzur

For close to three decades or so, the Congress Party in UP doesn’t have wind in its sail. The party had been on a steady downhill journey ever since it began to promote the BJP in power. In Uttar Pradesh, the more things change for the depleted Congress, the more they remain the same.

Who do they fight in the heartland and why? At regular interval, some sheepish elements of the Congress Party emerge to challenge the Samajwadi Party and its leadership in contrast to its pronounced centre-left ideological underpinning of fighting the BJP.

Cheap conduct and cheap workmanship of some Congress guys have surfaced in Azamgarh where they have plastered “Missing” posters of Samajwadi Party national president and local MP Akhilesh Yadav.

Over and over again Congressmen are committing cheap mistake in quest of earning some brownie points, and willfully and inadvertently playing into the hands of their political cousin, the BJP.

Laughingly, the Congressmen of cunning attitude have been working overtime to drive a wedge between core constituents of the Samajwadi Party, Muslims Versus Yadavas.

Lack of visionary strategies will only bring more routs for the Congress. By pedaling falsehood about former UP CM Akhilesh, the most popular face of Indian politics and the most acceptable candidate to dethrone Adityanath, Congress can’t dream of revival at any costs.

Priyanka Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi would do better by reining in their loudmouth workers who are apparently taking wicked delight in defeat of their strategy against the principal opposition party.

How long will you conceal your real motive of fighting the SP? It is clear to everyone that your politics is a gimmick to target Socialists and henceforth strengthen the hands of communal and casteist BJP.

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