Bravery Under Burqa: An Ode to Shaheen Bagh – A Poetic Tribute to Shaheen Bagh & Ghanta Ghar’s women protesters by Frank Huzur

In Akhilesh Yadav, political

Frank Huzur’s poetic tribute to brave hearts of #Shaheen_Bagh #Ghanta_Ghar in the editorial of February issue, Socialist Factor


They are bold, brave & beautiful

Dressed in long loose garment black full

From head to feet

Burn in revolution heat


Women in veil of Shaheen Bagh

Know no fear wall

For they sing song of blood

Resist triggering tears flood


Their bravery under burqa

Make bigots hide in bush fourqa

With a shining bald head Goering of Saffron rule

Cried hoarse in Delhi air cool

Press the button for the BJP lotus currant

With so much anger that protesters in Shaheen Bagh feel the current

While the other flunkey of the Gruesome Twosome

Barked, ‘Shoot the Traitors’ fulsome

Swearing his comment reflects the moods of Delhi

Brave women under burqa pity his tongue and belly

Yogi of UP mocks Shaheen Bagh’s Sheroes

Grumbling like a burnt child over superwomen heroes


“The men of Shaheen Bagh were sending their women out to protest

while they stayed home and slept to fail test,

because they were too afraid

to come out themselves on spade

The monk cried

As if pussy cat jumped on him and he was fried

Why they spread fear

Over boys with beard and women with veil dear

Because they also fear a pearl in its shell

Women of Shaheen Bagh fights fascist well

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