Akhilesh inspires a Millennial Boost to Samajwadi Party in the New Year, signals more empowerment to Generation Y

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One of the basic principles of democracy is equality. Universal suffrage or Adult Franchise is based on this very basic principle. Right to vote is the bedrock of democracy and it should be available to all without any discrimination of caste, class, gender, religion or sect.

Updated January 18, 2020 Lucknow | 09:10 IST | Frank Huzur

The picture below is illustrative of this very basic principle of right to vote upon reaching the age of consent. Samajwadi Party national President and former UP Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav sent a message to young bloods across Uttar Pradesh and the country by registering an 18-year-old Millennial girl as member of the party. By all accounts, it was a coming of age moment for the NCR Noida based young lady as she expressed her heartfelt gratitude to youth icon A2Y whom she grew up adoring.

Having completed 18 years of age, she becomes eligible like tens of millions of youngsters to cast her vote in the 2022 UP Assembly polls. By a conservative estimate, not less than ten million Millennials will be voting for the very first time. .

Uttar Pradesh being the most populous province of India is home to the largest number of Gen Y. Even when the state is currently under the vassalage of saffron party, youth have found it easier to connect with tech-savvy Akhilesh Yadav than that of digitally-deficient Adityanath, current CM heading BJP government. Akhilesh, by and large, scores over Adityanath in the Information Age on account of his ‘digital democrat’ image.

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