Akhilesh embraces Mandal after Ambedkar

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Updated August 25, 2019 | 10:53 IST | Frank Huzur

A new era of rRemembering Mandal and Ambedkar has begun. The message has found new mooring in the heartland of north India. For the first time in its existential history, @Samajwadi Party observed Mandal Diwas today across Uttar Pradesh and elsewhere in the country.

Akhilesh Yadav has heralded in a new age.of he socialist world. Earlier he earned global laurels for pioneering Technology Socialism and today the young socialist star has built a bridge of social justice and diversity over the aspiration of a vast constituency of subaltern youths.

Akhilesh, in all way and for all pupose, has successfully embraced both Ambedkar and Mandal. Challenge ahead of him is to school his socialist workers into teachings of the icons.

Today is the birth centenary of #BPMandal, architect of India’s Affirmative Action Program, Mandal Commission Report / Recommendations.

The 60 percent of India’s population is indebted to his vision & perseverance for their social & educational representation in national resources.

However, the Fight for proportionate representation still rages on..

Akhilesh introduces BP Mandal to Samajwadi Party cadre tomorrow by observing 101st anniversary as Mandal Diwas

For the first time in its 27 years old history, Samajwadi Party will be celebrating the birth anniversary of B P Mandal, architect of India’s Affirmative Action Programme..Mandal Commission Report, tomorrow 25 August with fanfare and seminar on Mandal’s legacy.

National president Akhilesh Yadav has girded up his loins to introduce thought and action of Mandal to the youths of India’s socialist heartland. His initiative is, by all standards, a huge breakthrough.

Especially for carping critics who have been merciless in castigation of former UP CM over the implementation of socials justice agenda in his debut tenure, the official directive to Samajwadi cadre for observing 101st anniversary as Mandal Day would be a very robust rejoinder.

Initiation of socialist workers into the ideals and teachings of diversity and social justice champions like Phule, Ambedkar and Mandal had long been on the mind of Akhilesh. He drives quite cogently the point home in 2019.

Mandalisation of Indian polity gifted some dastardly influential torchbearers in the past three decades. Whether that be Mulayam Singh, Lalu Prasad or Ram Vilas Paswan, each of them owe their meteoric rise on the social and political horizon to pitched street battle of Mandal era…

A great beginning at end of the day. Socialists can counter the saffronists surge in a better way now. Mandal will forever remain an antidote to Manu.

Congratulations to charismatic and visionary Akhilesh for the big leap forward

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